At Home Whitening Treatments

14 Apr

The Truth About At Home Whitening Treatments

Are you one of those people who are completely obsessed with at home whitening treatments for your teeth? Do you have questions about the safety of whitening toothpastes? Whether you have used or intend to use teeth whitening products, chances are you not as informed as you should be with respect to the use of said products.

While whitening products are generally thought safe to use at home, there may be cause of concern for some individuals, particularly those who misuse the products. This is especially true when bleaching or whitening procedures are not performed by a professional, such as a dentist, who can properly assess your situation as well as which type of procedure may be right for you.

Depending on the health of your teeth, it is generally not recommended that you utilize at home whitening treatments. Specifically, if you are under age, pregnant, have gum disease or have had restorative dental work, you should not undergo at home whitening treatments. The reasons being, children under the age of 16 are likely to experience sensitivity related to the underdevelopment of tooth nerve, while the chemicals in bleaching products can be harmful to the development of a baby in a pregnant mother. In addition, those individuals with gum disease (and teeth with worn enamel) risk sensitivity issues as a result of whitening solutions penetrating existing tooth decay, while those who have had restorative dental work are likely not to achieve success because whitening solutions do not work on dental restorations. A dentist would be able to supply you with alternative forms of treatment to aid you in your cosmetic needs.

Five Natural Tricks for Whitening Your Teeth

14 Apr

Five Natural Tricks for Whitening Your Teeth

Everyone wants a white smile, and fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways you can get one. Of course you’ll want to start with thorough brushing at least twice a day. Flossing is also critical to not only oral health, but to ensuring you have a gleaming, clean smile. But it doesn’t stop there. From the things you eat and drink to the type of toothpaste you use, there are a lot of natural ways to get your smile even brighter.

1) Eat your fruit.

Lots of fruits offering cleaning and brightening power, but strawberries are known for being one of the best options to choose. Not only do their seeds act as a sort-of exfoliant, but the malic acid in them can help remove discoloration on the surface of your teeth, as well.

2) Boost your brushing.

In addition to your regular toothpaste, try brushing with baking soda once a week. It is mildly abrasive, so can gently scrub off surface stains plus unhealthy build-up.

3) Drink red wine…with a glass of water.

While an occasional glass of red wine is known for being good for the heart, it’s also known for staining teeth. You can combat wine’s staining power by drinking a glass of water along with your red wine. Swish it around in your mouth after each sip of wine for the best results.

4) Drink dark liquids through a straw.

Dark liquids like tea, red wine, dark juices, and sodas are common culprits for teeth discoloration. By drinking through a straw you’ll avoid some of the contact these beverages have with your teeth, which can help keep staining to a minimum.

5) Eat carrots.

Carrots are not only good for your eye health, but for your oral health, too! Eating them stimulates saliva production, which gives your mouth a natural cleaning. Their firm texture also scrubs the teeth to help remove surface stains.

Superfoods Fruits Veggies

14 Apr

Superfoods: Fruits & Veggies To Boost Your Metabolism and Promote Your Health

There has been a lot of talk about the benefits of “superfoods” recently. What makes one vegetable or fruit more super than the other? It all comes down to the range of vitamins and minerals contained in the vegetables. Many foods also help you stay fuller longer, helping you stay on track to lose weight. Here are some examples of super fruits and vegetables you can add to your diet.

Tomatoes are an incredible food. Very low in calories and high in antioxidants, it contains vitamins A, K, B, and C. When you’re a vegan or vegetarian, it can help replenish your system with much needed nutrients. It is also a great compliment to proteins. Spinach is also beneficial, having the same combination of antioxidant, vitamins, and minerals. Consider adding one or both of these superfoods to your breakfast for an energy-packed way to start your day.

Blueberries are often called the miracle berry. They are full of vitamins, helping keep your skin healthy and your organ systems running smoothly. Their antioxidants can help guard against cancer. They’re also really easy to incorporate into your diet. Try whipping up a smoothie, tossing in salads, or throwing into a high fiber muffin recipe.

An apple a day can help you do more than keep the doctor away. Eating an apple before each meal helps you lose weight! It’s high in pectin and fiber so you feel full longer. Consider keeping an apple on you to curb cravings during the day or right before a meal so you eat more mindfully during lunch or dinner.

Look over your diet journal and see where you can substitute foods for superfoods. It may also help you get past a plateau in weight loss. Variety is the spice of life, so jot down some superfoods that sound appealing and delicious and add them to your grocery list.

Antidepressants and Pregnancy A Lethal Combination

14 Apr

Recovery from Mommy Makeover

The question has loomed for ages: Do antidepressants taken by pregnant woman increase the risk of stillborn pregnancies or infant mortality?

Experts have battled over the results for years. Some claim woman should not take such medications for fear it harms the baby. Others have question whether antidepressants are the sole factor of causing stillborn deaths or infant mortality.

Today, the debate may have ended.

A new study published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that women who take a common type of antidepressant may not be the sole reasons for any increased risks of having a stillborn child or losing an infant early in life.

Researchers looked the medical records of 1.5 million newborns and their mothers in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and other Nordic countries. Results first appeared to indicate that woman taking the meds were more likely to deliver a stillborn child or lose it before its first birthday. The researchers, however, dug deeper.

They found that when a woman’s depression, smoking habits and age were factored into the results, the risks between woman who were taking the meds and woman who were not taking the meds were roughly the same.

Furthermore, the new study suggests that when it comes to infant mortality, experts need to explore more the effects of medication on the mom and the baby.

They need to examine the health of a maternal lifestyle, the severity of depression and more, which are key factors in stillborn and child mortality.

In fact, a woman who is not taking common antidepressants may be a more harmful infant caretaker than those who are on the antidepressants.

Only time will tell if this study ends the debate. But one thing is clear: if a woman is pregnant and taking antidepressants, they need to examine the health risks closely. Be cognizant of the potential fallout of taking certain medications and consult a medical professional before beginning any treatment.

Tips to Find The Perfect Dentist

13 Apr

Tips to Find The Perfect Dentist

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to find the perfect dentist – or any healthcare provider for that matter. The below guide offers some good advice for picking the right one for you.

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5 Responses to Tips to Find The Perfect Dentist

August 25 2011

Guy Grabiak – Dentist, Denver
I believe 100% in holistic dentistry and choosing your dentist carefully. With kinesiology training at UCLA, I advise patients to care for the body as a whole. Whole body care along with active consistent care for your teeth with a professional, experienced dentist keeps a healthy you and healthy mouth.

September 2 2011

Erin Reedy – Dentist, Baltimore
We try to make our practice as family friendly as possible, especially since dentistry is sort of a family trade for us. I started as an assistant to my father and brother before attending the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, so I got a great head start and fell in love with dentistry.

November 2 2011

Allison Jones Sacramento, Dentists
I moved across the country and had a hard time finding and choosing between several Sacramento Dentists. I used the tips outlined in this piece and it was such a huge help. I’ve been very happy with my dental care and service. Thanks!

November 11 2011

Julie Brisco – Bakersfield, Dentist
This graphic is spot-on — it can be pretty difficult to find a new dental practice, particularly if you’re new in town and can’t get recommendations from your friends and family. Thankfully I was lucky enough to find a great local Bakersfield dentist right when I moved here, but it’s important to remember that if you’re unhappy with the treatment you’re getting after the first appointment, there’s no risk in switching to find someone who’s a better fit for you!

January 17 2012

Thousand Oaks Dentist, Jerry Hong
We at Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry completely agree. Do not be afraid to ask for a second opinion, its your smile! In our opinion, it is not just about finding the best dentist in the area; rather it is about finding the best dentist for you! Our dentists and staff are all highly trained and seek to exceed your expectations.

Dental Vacations

13 Apr

Dental Vacations

Forget the black, sandy beaches and luscious, tropical foliage of Hawaii. Many people are taking their vacations to the least popular spot in the world: the dentist chair.

In what appears to be an emerging trend, more and more Americans are forgoing beautiful ocean waves and sun-kissed breezes to instead face the hydraulic wheeze of dental instruments. The ultimate mission is to secure cheap dental care.

“The story is always the same,” said Suzan Haskins, who recently published an essay detailing her trip to Mexico for dental work. “Great quality work at half the cost or less for the same work in the U.S.”

Haskins, who snapped a front tooth cleanly in half after an accidental collision between her face and a low crouching colonial doorway, said dentists in the United States may have charged her as much as $1,500 for what costs $300 in Mexico. And the work is not subpar, she claims. In fact, she would put it on par with any dentist in the world.

It is estimated that nearly 100 million Americans don’t have dental insurance. And although it’s unrealistic to think all these people will go overseas to get inexpensive dental care, it seems more and more people are partaking in this trend, or at least entertaining the idea. Because high-quality dental care can be so inexpensive in a different country, there is the opportunity to combine a dentist visit with a mini vacation.

Some American experts, however, warn people not to go overseas for dental work. They worry the quality of care won’t be up to American standards. Alternatively, a language barrier may cause problems. Still, for people like Haskins, the opportunity is just too great to pass up.

Paleo Diet Eat Like A Caveman & Lose Weight!

13 Apr

Paleo Diet: Eat Like A Caveman & Lose Weight!

 Have you heard of the Paleo diet? While this   diet was first popularized in the mid-1970s,   it’™s seeing a resurgence today. This diet   plan is based on the hunter-gatherer diets of   cavemen, eliminating processed foods and   keeping it simple with proteins, fruits, and   vegetables.

If you’€™re keeping a diet journal, you probably have been making note of all the breads, cereals, dairy products, oils, and other foods that you are eating. All of these foods came along with the advent of agriculture. While we have been taught that these foods can be included in a balanced diet, they are not necessary to maintain your health. This Stone Age philosophy has helped many lose weight and live more healthy and active lifestyles.

When on your shopping trip, skip the grains and and aisles and focus on the very first sections of the grocery store. Stock up on vitamin packed fruits, fibrous vegetables, and plenty of lean meats, preferably those that have natural, grass fed diets. You can get all the nutrition you need with these three main food groups. Make sure keep a balance your diet and record what you eat every day while you see a significant change in your energy and your weight!

Fatty Food Semen

13 Apr

Fatty Food Subverts Semen

As if we needed another reason to cut down on the fatty food in our lives. Well, new research has suggested that men may save their swimmers by avoiding high amounts of saturated fat. The online medical journal, Human Reproduction, has suggested that new information has emerged linking a diet high in omega-3 polyunsaturated fats with healthier semen.

99 men were followed over the course of 4 years and their diet was tracked along with their sperm count. It was discovered that the men that consumed high fat diets had 43 percent lower total sperm count and 38 percent lower sperm concentration than men that ate less fat or mostly unsaturated fat. As such, the researchers have concluded that benefits of low-fat diets extend beyond simply heart health.

For decades, we have been hearing how diets low in fat help improve our cardiovascular health and can help us live longer. Now, research shows benefits extend beyond our heart and can help men improve sperm count and functionality.

This information may be particularly important for couples who are trying to conceive or are having difficulty with conception. Men who have received the news from fertility centers that their sperm count is low or otherwise compromised may find comfort that there is something concrete they can do to reverse the situation. Similar to the way lowering fat in your diet today can cause immediate and long-term changes in heart health, lowing fat in your diet today can also reverse the damage to sperm and ensure that new sperm are healthy upon creation.

As with all research conclusions, researchers are quick to point out that further studies must be done to provide more comprehensive information on the exact role of fat intake and sperm health. Preliminary studies are encouraging, but must be backed up by further research.

The Fast Diet: Does It Work?

13 Apr

The Fast Diet: Does It Work?

There’s a new diet craze hitting U.S. called The Fast Diet, also known as the 5:2 Diet. This eating regimen involves eating whatever you want for five days of the week, and then severely restricting your caloric intake the other two. Men are suggested to eat 600 calories during these “fast” days, women only 500. Created by medical TV journalist Michael Mosley and journalist Mimi Spencer, this diet became a popular in the United Kingdom after Mosley tried the routine and lost 18 pounds and lowered his blood sugar and cholesterol.

Supporters love the flexibility and simplicity of the diet. While suffering through a fast day may be difficult, there is always the promise of eating normally again the next day to help you power through. The diet is also said to mimic how prehistoric man would have fed-gorging himself when food was plentiful, only to use the stored food later when it became more scarce.

However, critics claim that there isn’t much science behind this theory, or any reason why this 5:2 ratio would result in more weight loss than any other diet. Losing weight is simple: restricting caloric intake will decrease fat reserves in the body. But there is also no reason this diet would be particularly detrimental to anyone’s health. Fasting is an accepted practice in dieting, as well as a part of many cultural and religious rituals. So see if the 5:2 diet is right for you!

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13 Apr

Everyone wants a white smile, and fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways you can get one. Of course you’ll want to start with thorough brushing at least twice a day. Flossing is also critical to not only oral health, but to ensuring you have a gleaming, clean smile. But it doesn’t stop there. From …

Are you one of those people who are completely obsessed with at home whitening treatments for your teeth? Do you have questions about the safety of whitening toothpastes? Whether you have used or intend to use teeth whitening products, chances are you not as informed as you should be with respect to the use of …