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13 Apr

Is the Super Bowl the Most Watched Sporting Event in the World?

You hear it every year, sports broadcasters breathlessly announcing that there are a billion people watching the game worldwide. “The most watched sporting event worldwide,” is the yearly call. While the game has stunning viewership numbers, is it really true? Most publically available information says, “no.” Alongside the hyperbole about the financial boon for the …

The brothers Harbaugh squaring off across a football field for one of the biggest events in sports will surely become one of the abiding storylines of this Super Bowl. The New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Super Dome is certainly not the first major host to play host to this type or rivalry and it undoubtedly will not …

The Inaccurate World of Sports Prediction and the Super Bowl

Nate Silver, the statistical genius behind the New York Times columns and website that predicts election results with spooky accuracy, recently crashed and burned looking at the NFL. He predicted that this year, the Seahawks and the Patriots would be heading to New Orleans. Clearly, we know that’s not the case now. While cold hard …

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