Deep Sea Fishing and Hotels, Playa Del Carmen

14 Apr

Deep Sea Fishing and Hotels, Playa Del Carmen

When looking for things to do outside hotels, Playa Del Carmen has sone of the more exciting adventures you can have during your escape to Mexico. One of the best is deep-sea fishing. From seasoned sportsman to the adventurous novice, it’s a perfect way to explore the beauty of the area while having fun on the water.

For the novice, you have local day cruises. Depending on how large your party is, you can rent a boat to comfortably accommodate everyone. They pick you up right on the beach! You can arrange to have a captain who knows the area well and a guide who can teach you and your party how to fish properly. If you’re a nature lover, encourage your guide to tell you about the geography of the area and the native wildlife. On the open water, you’ll also have the opportunity to swim in the waters. It’s best to prepare as if you were on the beach, so don’t forget your sun and swim gear: a suit, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen.

If you’re a seasoned fisherman, the best advice is getting a bigger boat and rent it by the week! Captains know exactly where to go for the perfect catch but one of the more successful places is Riviera Maya. From marlins to sail fish, you’ll have a successful day no matter what time of the year it is. When planning your trip specifically for deep-sea fishing, you’re going to want to book a boat anywhere from March to July, when it’s peak season for fishing. On most journeys, you may have to toss fish back if they don’t meet required weights, but chances are you’ll end up catching something perfect to take home such as mahi-mahi, tuna, snapper, grouper, or mackerel. If you’re planning on catching something to eat, try and arrange a rental service that can help you filet what you catch.

Best advice for deep-sea fishing? Bring your camera! The area is beautiful and you’ll want to capture all the memories from your day trip or a week on the water.

Alternative Orlando Vacation Ideas

14 Apr

Alternative Orlando Vacation Ideas: Skip The Magic Kingdom and Still Have The Time of Your Life!

When most American families and even families abroad think of Orlando vacation ideas, it is easy for them to imagine Disney WorldUniversal Studios and SeaWorld theme parks and amusement parks that are fun for all ages. Frankly, those are the main attractions, but these days many families are thinking about how they can have a vacation, celebrate a birthday or make a holiday/reunion unforgettable without breaking the bank. Budgets and spending caps are important to vacations, especially those away from home. So in order to enjoy a great theme park or alternative Orlando vacation and not run out of budgeted money halfway through or end up overspending trying to keep your kids happy, you can follow a few central Florida vacationer tips and tricks to giving your family a fun trip and going home with a little money left over.

There is so much more to do in Orlando and Central Florida. First of all there are countless lists in cyberspace about what your family can do that is either free or very inexpensive. There are very creative ideas out there such as an Ocala National Forest hike or camp out; visiting the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, Daytona Beach, kayaking on the Wekiva River, visiting the McDonald’s touting the world largest play room for the kids. There are parks, wildlife, trails, rock climbing, sports, specialty gardens and dining experiences for the entire family to ooh and ahh over. But no one will completely avoid the theme parks forever, so when looking into the them, it is universally advised that you try bringing your own food, bringing a notebook or other small gift for your little ones to cut down on souvenirs and, as a family, select only two or three parks so that everyone will feel satisfied with their thorough adventure while avoided wasted tickets or money trying to see and do everything.

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13 Apr

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When looking for things to do outside hotels, Playa Del Carmen has sone of the more exciting adventures you can have during your escape to Mexico. One of the best is deep-sea fishing. From seasoned sportsman to the adventurous novice, it’s a perfect way to explore the beauty of the area while having fun on …

If you’re planning on staying in Caribbean hotels, Playa del Carmen has the El Taj – one of the best places to stay! El Taj means “The Crown.” Out of all the hotels in the areas, the El Taj lives up to it’s name! It’s designers brought back ideas from Bali to create the exotic …

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