Destination Weddings at Playa Del Carmen Hotels

14 Apr

Destination Weddings at Playa Del Carmen Hotels

If you’ve ever dreamed of that perfect beach wedding, book your destination wedding at one of the many beach hotels. Play del Carmen has many different locations to choose from! The views are breathtaking, the city small and intimate, and the weather simply divine!

The best part is really how flexible the plans can be and how much you can get when you have a modest budget. The hotel staff really helps you plan, balancing your dreams and the realities of your budget. There are a string of hotels to choose from and they are all located very close together. Your guests can plan to stay pretty much anywhere in the area and it’s only a short walk to your ceremony or reception.

A lot of weddings happen right on the beaches, but there are plenty of elegant reception rooms and other outdoor areas to host – it’s all up to you! Another fun part of the planning process is the menu for the reception. You have the greatest flexibility here as the hotel kitchens are accommodating to special requests and self-designed menus. You can also take advantage of the local seafood, with great prices when certain catches are in season!

Your guests will find the experience so much more than an average wedding. Aside from the big day, your guests can explore the area through deep-sea fishing, diving, hiking, or just lounging on the beach! Families can easily find 3 to 4 bedrooms to accommodate everyone comfortably and affordably. There are also 1-2 bedroom options for couples to enjoy a romantic 5-star hotel experience. Combine your wedding and your honeymoon and spend a week or more!

Whether you’re having a small intimate ceremony on the beaches of the Caribbean, looking to host an extravagant destination wedding, or simply want a tropical destination for your honeymoon at one of these beautiful hotels, Playa del Carmen can offer you all the beauty and splendor of the area while accommodating guests as well.

Alternative Orlando Vacation Ideas

14 Apr

Alternative Orlando Vacation Ideas: Skip The Magic Kingdom and Still Have The Time of Your Life!

When most American families and even families abroad think of Orlando vacation ideas, it is easy for them to imagine Disney WorldUniversal Studios and SeaWorld theme parks and amusement parks that are fun for all ages. Frankly, those are the main attractions, but these days many families are thinking about how they can have a vacation, celebrate a birthday or make a holiday/reunion unforgettable without breaking the bank. Budgets and spending caps are important to vacations, especially those away from home. So in order to enjoy a great theme park or alternative Orlando vacation and not run out of budgeted money halfway through or end up overspending trying to keep your kids happy, you can follow a few central Florida vacationer tips and tricks to giving your family a fun trip and going home with a little money left over.

There is so much more to do in Orlando and Central Florida. First of all there are countless lists in cyberspace about what your family can do that is either free or very inexpensive. There are very creative ideas out there such as an Ocala National Forest hike or camp out; visiting the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, Daytona Beach, kayaking on the Wekiva River, visiting the McDonald’s touting the world largest play room for the kids. There are parks, wildlife, trails, rock climbing, sports, specialty gardens and dining experiences for the entire family to ooh and ahh over. But no one will completely avoid the theme parks forever, so when looking into the them, it is universally advised that you try bringing your own food, bringing a notebook or other small gift for your little ones to cut down on souvenirs and, as a family, select only two or three parks so that everyone will feel satisfied with their thorough adventure while avoided wasted tickets or money trying to see and do everything.

Washington DC National Mall Vacation

14 Apr

Washington DC National Mall: Vacation Fun For The Whole Family

When you’€™re headed to Washington D.C. for a family vacation, get excited. Most of what there is to do in the city is all located in or around the DC National Mall. You’€™ll quickly master how to get around and please everyone in your family with a variety of museums, galleries, monuments, and more.

You’ll have to explain to your teenager that, no, you won’€™t be shopping, but exploring history, art, and culture. At either end, you’€™ve got the Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial. There are tours in the Capitol Building with interactive exhibits and tours to teach children about the American government and the history of our country. You’€™ll also pass by the Washington Monument.

The Smithsonian Institute features more than 20 museums, many along the mall. Walk through the Hirshhorn Sculpture Museum, explore the Air & Space Museum, or enjoy the outdoors in the National Botanical Gardens. Vacation tip: Best place to eat is by far the American Indian Museum. Explore different traditional dishes from regions throughout the US! There’€™s plenty of kid-friendly choices, too. For a day outside, head to the National Zoo. It’€™s a great way to break up the history lesson and just enjoy being outdoors. This is a great park that features a variety of different animals, including their famous panda bears!

Washington D.C. is a great place to take your family on vacation. If you’€™re heading out in the summer, make sure to pack light clothes for hot summer weather. You’€™ll be walking outside a lot, so be prepared with water and sunblock. Don’€™t forget to take a camera to capture the memories!

Driving Through Ireland

14 Apr

Driving Through Ireland

One of the best vacations I ever had was driving through Ireland. It’€™s not the cheapest vacation in the world, but it’s an adventure I very much recommend in your 20s. You can stay in hostels along the way and see much more of the country. As a fairly small island country, you can get a good sense of everything that’€™s there and find more unique opportunities to explore the culture and history of Ireland. Everywhere you drive, people are friendly. They’€™re always willing to help you find something unique to check out.

The first step preparing. You’€™ll have to get an international drivers license. You also have to be at least 25 year old to rent a car. From there, you’€™ll have to get used to driving on the “€œwrong side”€ of the road as an American. It’€™s fairly daunting for the first hour or so, but you’€™ll pick it up quickly. Road maps are interesting. There aren’€™t too many main roads! But it’€™s really easy to plan your trip from city to city.

Once you plan the hostels or hotels, you can start planning what you’€™re going to do. Our trip included visiting many museums, castles, and landscapes. Along the way, you’€™ll see signs for all sorts of small sites for old buildings, many which are more ruins than museums. We also drove to the Gap of Dunloe and the Mountains of Connemara. I also strongly suggest going to a whiskey distillery or brewery! Driving is definitely the way to go in a small country like Ireland. If you’€™re heading there for a week or more, plan your own trip and skip the bus tour. It’€™s a lot more fun!

International Travel Tips

14 Apr

Preparing for International Travel: Tips and Tricks

If you’€™re traveling abroad, there are a few things that you need to arrange before you head to your vacation destination. It’€™s important that you properly prepare, so read these international travel tips to make sure that everything is in order and you hit no hitches along the way.

Get your Passport
The process of getting your passport takes about six weeks from submission to getting your book or card in the mail. It’€™s important that you fill out all the forms correctly or you may have delays. Also, passport photos can be difficult to take on your own, so head to your local AAA or Post Office to take your picture for the application. It costs about $100, so make sure you have cash, a check, or a debit card with you to pay your application fee.

Prepare your Luggage
Make sure you check with your airline to ensure you pack right. Most international airlines will allow you to check one bag with your ticket and have rules regarding carry-ons and personal bags. Make sure that your bags do not exceed size or weight limits. Also, just like domestic flights, make sure your liquids are packed in your checked luggage to avoid problems checking in.

In this day and age, you connect through your phone and computer. Remember, many foreign countries have different outlets and require converters to use your US device wall chargers. Check what your country of destination uses and buy the appropriate converter.

Lastly, leave plenty of time to go through customs on your way there and your way back. Have contact information for the places you will be staying and make sure you have your passport on hand and easy to get to at all times. Once you prepare, you’re on your way! Traveling abroad can be a lot of fun, but making sure you’€™ve got everything in order will make the flight there smooth!

North Fork Long Island Summer Vacation

14 Apr

North Fork, Long Island Summer Vacation

If you’€™re looking for a great locale for your Long Island summer vacation, the North Fork a great area. Most people overlook this area or discount Long Island entirely because of the Hamptons, an expensive, upscale location on the South Shore. You can stay in beachside hotels, explore wine country, and check out plenty of summer festivals.

Summer, especially late summer, is a great time to eat locally. You’€™ll have fresh seafood and plenty of produce in season. There are plenty of great restaurants to explore or you can pick up food at a local farmer’€™s market to cook back at your rental. If you’€™re headed out earlier, June and July, you’€™ll hit berry picking. Head out to a strawberry festival or take a day to pick your own. Tip: You don’€™t have to pay for the berries you eat in the fields!

The North Fork of Long Island is also known for its wineries. With over 40 vineyards, you can explore a variety of wines all along the same stretch of highway. They are also hubs of activity themselves in the summer, hosting live music and craft fairs. If you really wanted to get into it, many host adult “€œsummer camp”€ programs to learn how to cultivate grapes and create wine.

If your summer vacation need to include a beach, the North Fork has a stunning shoreline. Because the coast faces the Long Island Sound, the beaches are a little rockier than most, but it makes for a beautiful view. The protected waters are perfect for swimming and kayaking. Many of the hotels are right along the shore, too. For a surprisingly low price, you can get the Long Island summer vacation you’€™ve dreamed of for a lot less than other Northeast locations. Whether you want to relax or have an adventure, the North Shore is a great destination.

Vacation Planning Start to Finish

14 Apr

Vacation Planning for Smooth Sailing, Start to Finish

Vacations are for relaxation. It may seem overly stressful to write a list and to actually use it, but it is the best way to stay organized, reduce stress and actually have the vacation you dreamed of instead of the one that was convenient. You can start by asking and answering a few of the vacation planning questions listed below as a starting point.

First, who are you taking with you? And, second, what will you do? The answer to this question lies in who you will be taking with you. It seems like a couple of odd lead questions, but from their answers you will be able to determine all others. If this vacation will be just you and your spouse, you and your friends, you and the kids, you and majority of your extended family for a wedding or reunion that you’€™re desperately trying to turn into a holiday, then it will determine where you will stay, how much free time you’€™ll have to actually relax and how stress management will be factored into the whole week or weekend.

Third, where will you go? Not everyone loves the beach, not everyone appreciates the culture of an ancient city, not everyone loves amusement park rides and not everyone is in wonderment about the Wonders of the World. So what will you see and do?

Fourth, just where will you stay? There are hotels, RV friendly camp grounds, villas, and relatives’€™ guest rooms all across this country and around the world.

And, how will you prepare for the place, the housing, the activities and the company? The answer is the last but not least item on your vacation planning list: you! Well, you have to take your wellbeing into consideration. From head to toe, how will you continue to take care of yourself while you are away from the routine of home? De-clutter your mind so you can sleep, take care of your feet so you can walk around the city, and pamper yourself so you go home more relaxed than when you left. Now that’€™s a vacation planned well.

A Vacation with the Kids

14 Apr

A Vacation with the Kids

Whether you are a little one or a great-grandparent, everyone likes a little break from the norm, and there are plenty of destinations to attract the easy-to-please and the pickiest traveler. Frankly, frequent travel locations and trip planner websites know and count on the fact that groups of college students, single professionals, families and retirees go on vacations that often put them all in the same places each year, and 2012 is no different. Although every part of the world offers its own pristine beauty at various times throughout the year, the summer time is popular for families looking for a little adventure, relaxation and exploration away from home. While holiday travel with kids can be challenging, the summertime offers free time and bountiful relaxation activities for all — even those who aren’t on summer break.

There are some people who have the privilege of living so near the most picturesque locations the world has to offer, and then there are the rest of us who need to travel in order to liven up the year. And of course there are children that we must consider and keep entertained. There are a plenty of activities for the entire family that range in price from the free town explorations to the expensive week long amusement park stay.

You and your family of small children, older children and even your teens would enjoy a vacation with variety. For young children, you may find a playground and create a scavenger hunt, attend a children’€™s show, drive to amusing landmarks or playing on the beach can keep them entertained. Then there are older children and teens who may find it interesting to explore water sports, day trips, tours, dinner cruises, shopping and local events where they can momentarily emerge themselves in a new city or maybe an unfamiliar culture. Family vacations don’€™t have to be the same old thing this year.

NYC Budget Vacation

14 Apr

NYC Budget Vacation: See The Big Apple on the Cheap and Still Have Memories To Last A Lifetime

New York City is a great vacation destination but many people think it’€™s way too expensive to make an NYC budget vacation possible. However, there are ways of having a great time without spending a lot of money. There is no lack of things to do and ways to do it inexpensively. Here are a few tips that’€™ll get you through.

Negotiate Hotel Prices
While it can be important to find a place before you head out, you can also see if you can stay in more upscale hotels for a very low price. Just like many websites that negotiate lower prices for their customers, you can do it all on your own! While there is never really an “€œoff season”€ in NYC, you can still negotiate with hotels for one or two night stays.

Many people headed to the Big Apple want to see a Broadway show, but with tickets starting at around $75-$100 a piece, it can seem out of range. That’€™s where TKTS comes in. It’€™s a discount ticket booth in Times Square where you can save about 50% on your tickets. It’€™s best to get there early in the morning because the line can be long. But what’€™s 1-3 hours to see a Broadway show for $50?

Museums are FREE
If you like museums, chances are you’€™re going to want to head to some of the country’€™s finest. Many have a suggested donation. That’€™s fancy talk for FREE. You can pitch in a couple dollars, but you don’€™t have to pay for many of the major museums in the city, such as the American Museum of Natural History, and the famous Guggenheim Museum often has free open afternoons.

Eat In The Street
While many people head to NYC for some of the world’€™s finest restaurants, NYC also has some fantastic street fare. Eat “al fresco” in the park or on the street and try a range of foods. Food trucks have also become exceedingly popular, so you’€™ll find a great variety of cuisines are available curbside.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a NYC budget vacation that’ll wow your traveling companions and

Your Yellowstone Vacation: What You Need To Know

14 Apr

Your Yellowstone Vacation: What You Need To Know

A vacation is not complete without finding the balance between discovery and relaxation. You can discover a new landscape, activity and/or culture. You can find relaxation in nature, spa like tranquility and/or in connecting with new people. Did you know that a vacation to Yellowstone National Park in the northwest quadrant of the state of Wyoming can provide you with all of the discovery and relaxation that you and your family could ever look for? A Yellowstone vacation is a winner for education and relaxation for the whole family.

Yellowstone Park is the most famous park in the United States. And with so much to see and to do on over 2.2 million acres, throngs of people will continue to seek out the big adventure that this park has to offer. It hosts some of the most beautiful aspects of nature you could ever see with the Grand Canyon and Old Faithful within reach.

It even has one of the wonders of the world with Old Faithful. You remember learning about it in school along with the six others at that time. The list of the wonders may continue to evolve but a vacation to Yellowstone National Park is reliable choice for a variety of summer vacationers. You can go for a natural adventure witnessing wildlife roaming while on a hike before your fishing attempt while camping. Or, maybe you’re into cowboys and cowgirls with horseback riding and rodeo. You can even enjoy walking the Grand Canyon, watching the geysers erupt or experiencing the hot springs. But your experience can only be amplified by witnessing a Native American powwow filled with traditional rituals, during your visit to the famous park.