7 Steps to Secure New Jazz Fest Tickets

1 Feb

Securing seats for the soul-stirring spectacle that is the Jazz Fest can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With a well-researched and methodical approach, you'll find that it's actually quite manageable.

In this discussion, we'll explore a strategic seven-step process to get your hands on those coveted tickets. From understanding the different ticket categories to confirming your purchase, we've got you covered.

Ready to embark on this journey? Let's begin, and you'll soon discover why securing tickets is just the first step to an unforgettable Jazz Fest experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the different ticket categories and their benefits is essential for choosing the right ticket that suits your preferences and budget.
  • Setting up a dedicated ticket purchase account on the official website and ensuring accurate personal information and verified payment method is important.
  • Monitoring ticket release dates through the official website, newsletters, social media accounts, and ticketing platforms can help stay informed about ticket availability.
  • Navigating the ticket purchase website involves choosing the desired ticket type, understanding their benefits, selecting preferred festival dates, and being prepared for additional service fees.

Understanding Jazz Fest Ticket Categories

To make the most of your New Orleans Jazz Fest experience, it's crucial to understand the different ticket categories and what they offer. When Jazz Fest tickets go on sale, you'll find several options available.

The first option is the General Admission ticket. This non-transferable wristband doesn't permit re-entry, but it does offer a payment plan for all Weekend Passes. However, bear in mind that you may be subject to additional service fees and handling charges.

Next, the GA+ wristband provides exclusive access to the GA+ Lounge, private beverage stands, and restrooms. This ticket is sold as a full weekend package and permits re-entry at specific gates.

If you're willing to purchase VIP, consider the Big Chief VIP tickets or the Grand Marshal VIP pass. Both provide access to specific viewing areas, private amenities, and the option to purchase VIP shuttle tickets. The Big Chief tickets offer raised and covered private viewing areas at three main stages, while the Grand Marshal VIP pass secures you a spot in the standing-room-only section at the three largest stages.

Setting up Ticket Purchase Accounts

Before diving into the Jazz Fest ticket buying process, you'll need to create a dedicated account on the official website. This step is key to securing your spot at the Heritage Festival. When setting up your account, make sure all your personal information is accurate and up-to-date. This will help avoid any potential hiccups during the ticket purchase process.

Next, familiarize yourself with the payment options available for purchase. Your chosen payment method should be set up and verified within your ticket purchase account. Don't forget to review the terms and conditions thoroughly, so you're aware of any additional service fees that might be attached to your purchase.

Once your account is all set, mark your calendar with the ticket sale dates for both the first and second weekend of the festival. Whether you're aiming for VIP or general admission tickets, being prepared will give you a leg-up when they become available for purchase.

Monitoring Ticket Release Dates

ticket release date monitoring

Staying vigilant about ticket release dates is crucial to secure your spot at the Jazz Fest. The official website is the first place to check. It's where you'll find announcements about when Fest tickets are subject to release. Don't forget to sign up for their newsletter and follow their social media accounts. That way, you're always in the loop about the Jazz Fest lineup and other important updates.

Another smart move is setting up alerts on ticketing platforms. These services will notify you when tickets will go on sale. If you're a fan, consider joining clubs or programs. They could offer Early Bird access or exclusive presale opportunities, which can be a real game-changer.

For Louisiana residents, local ticket outlets are a good source of information. Just provide your zip code and they can inform you about the sale commencement. Remember, tickets include service fees and handling, so plan your budget accordingly.

In a nutshell, being proactive and monitoring ticket release dates will increase your odds of scoring a ticket to the Jazz Fest. Keep these steps in mind and you'll be grooving to the music in no time!

Navigating the Ticket Purchase Website

Once you've marked your calendar with the ticket release dates, it's time to familiarize yourself with the process of navigating the ticket purchase website for the Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The site is user-friendly, but here are a few steps to make your purchase smooth:

  1. Selection: Choose your desired ticket type. The festival offers General Admission, GA+, Big Chief, Grand Marshal VIP, or Krewe of Jazz Fest.
  2. Review: Understand the benefits and inclusions of each ticket type. This is especially crucial if you're eyeing the Jazz Fest VIP options.
  3. Choice: Follow the prompts to select your preferred festival dates and ticket packages. Make sure they align with the Fest lineup you're excited about.
  4. Payment: Be ready for additional service fees and handling charges. These apply to all Jazz Fest tickets, even those for Fair Grounds Race.

Stay informed about the ticket sale dates and early bird discounts. As a Jazz Fest attendee, you'll appreciate the festival's dedicated Access Programs if you have accessibility needs.

Now that you're well-informed about navigating the ticket purchase website, securing your spot at the Jazz Fest should be a breeze.

Preparing for Ticket Sale Day

ticket sale day preparation

Now that you're adept at navigating the ticket purchase website, let's gear up for the actual ticket sale day. It's critical to have a plan in place. Start by making sure your payment information on the Jazz Fest website is up-to-date. This ensures a smooth purchase process, especially when supplies last only for a short time.

Familiarize yourself with the different ticket options, from general admission to the prestigious Krewe of Jazz Fest VIP. Understanding the benefits of each can help you make an informed decision that suits your Festival Stage audience experience.

Stay on top of the sale dates and times. Set a reminder to be online when tickets go on sale. This is particularly important if you're eyeing the popular Locals Thursday passes or want to be a part of this year's lineup.

Prepare for potential technical glitches. Have a stable internet connection and consider using multiple devices. Patience is key during long wait times.

Lastly, consider joining the Jazz Fest mailing list or following their social media accounts. This way, you'll stay in the loop about any last-minute updates or changes, including public transportation arrangements.

Securing Your Jazz Fest Tickets

You're on the brink of securing your Jazz Fest tickets – from picking the perfect package to understanding the festival's access and accommodations, let's delve into the details.

This event, held in Orleans, is the 67th Jazz Fest and promises an unforgettable Jazz Fest experience.

  1. Plan Your Purchase: Decide on the ticket package you want. If you're opting for the payment plan, look out for early bird discounts. The Weekend packages usually offer the best value.
  2. Understand the Ticket Types: Each ticket type like the GA+, Big Chief, and Grand Marshal VIP offers different features and benefits. Understanding these is key to make your Heritage Festival experience enjoyable.
  3. Know the Festival Dates: Familiarize yourself with the performance lineups, which include both day and night events over the festival's duration. Special deals for locals are also available.
  4. Access and Accommodations: The festival is committed to accessibility, offering accessible seating, service animal policies, and ASL interpretation for performances.

Securing your Jazz Fest tickets isn't just a purchase, it's your ticket to a memorable Jazz Fest experience. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the heritage and culture of the Jazz Fest in Orleans.

Confirming Your Ticket Purchase

ticket purchase confirmation details

After securing your Jazz Fest tickets, it's crucial to confirm your purchase by checking your email for a confirmation receipt. This is a simple yet vital step to ensure your spot at the Ultimate Jazz Fest. You'll find the specific details about your purchase, including the fees and if you're subject to additional service charges.

Remember, there's a limited number of tickets available for the Brass Band performance at the Square Stage. So it's essential to verify your ticket details promptly. If your receipt doesn't appear in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail folders. If it's still missing, get in touch with the festival's customer service department immediately.

And remember, the festival goes on, rain or shine. So, once your purchase is confirmed, there's no turning back. Your ticket, once bought, is non-refundable. The confirmation mail also generally provides information about the festival's policies and what to expect on the day of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Jazz Fest Tickets Work?

You'll receive a non-transferable wristband as your Jazz Fest ticket. There's no re-entry, extra fees apply, and they're mailed in April. Valid for specific April dates, a payment plan's available for weekend passes.

Do New Orleans Jazz Fest Tickets Sell Out?

Ever wonder if New Orleans Jazz Fest tickets sell out? Absolutely, they do! It's essential you purchase early. Don't hesitate or you might miss out on your favorite acts and the fabulous atmosphere.

What Not to Bring to Jazz Fest?

You can't bring weapons, illegal substances, food or drinks, large backpacks, pets, professional cameras, umbrellas, tents, drones, audio/video recording devices, selfie sticks, coolers, glass containers or laser pointers to Jazz Fest.

Can You Bring an Empty Water Bottle to Jazz Fest?

Absolutely, you're encouraged to bring an empty water bottle to Jazz Fest. It's a lifesaver in the heat! Use the refill stations to stay hydrated all day. It's an easy, eco-friendly way to keep cool.


So, you've finally snagged those coveted Jazz Fest tickets. Remember how you felt when you first heard your favorite jazz tune? That's the thrill of victory you're experiencing now.

As the anticipation builds, remember you're not just securing a ticket, but a ticket to a timeless experience. The rhythm of jazz is in your future, resonating with the beat of your heart.

So, prepare to immerse yourself in the magic that's Jazz Fest. Enjoy the melody!

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