40 Percent Increase in Breast Augmentation, Athens GA

13 Apr

40 Percent Increase in Breast Augmentation, Athens GA

Let’s face it; plastic surgery is definitely on the rise. This is particularly true for breast augmentation. Athens GA plastic surgeon, Dr. Pittman, asserts that breast augmentation has arguably become the most performed plastic surgery procedure in the United States. While breast augmentation is typically performed on patients seeking to enhance their cup size, there are also individuals who seek out this procedure in an effort to repair an existing malformation with their breasts as a result of a tragic experience, i.e. mastectomy after a cancer diagnosis. Whether you are a fan of this cosmetic procedure or not, there are plenty of reasons, both superficial and not, why one would consider going under the knife. Let us explore one of the most common reasons why increasing numbers of individuals resort to this cosmetic procedure every year.

Most of us have heard about breast augmentation with respect to females, whether you personally have them or know someone who has. What you may not know is why she went under the knife, but if you were to guess that she was seeking to gain self confidence through an enhancement to her physical appearance, you may be right. Generally speaking, many women undergo augmentation with the hopes that bigger cleavage and generally larger breasts will make them feel better about themselves. Everybody knows that confidence in one’s physical appearance equates to overall self confidence. With that in mind, by making a slight and safe change to your body, particularly to an area of your body that causes you to feel inadequate, i.e. breast size, one can subsequently increase their self confidence, not only in social situations but also in professional situations.

All judgments cast aside; breast augmentation can provide a significant boost to one’s confidence. In a world where confidence can and does directly attribute to success, it’s no wonder why breast augmentation is on the rise. For more information on breast augmentation, interested individuals should consult a local expert.

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