13 Apr

CrossFit: The World’s Most Polarizing Workout?

Love it or hate it, CrossFit has some of the most devoted fans and avid enemies. This fitness regimen was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000, but its cultural significance has recently taken the world by storm. Garnering a following with certified trainers in approximately 7,000 gyms nationwide, CrossFit’s specific regimen has gotten the attention of workout fanatics, sparking both praise and criticism. To some, CrossFit’s jargon and even the attitude of some of its promoters have given the program a bad name. Critics claim that the trainers are not put through a strict enough certification process, allowing bad form and lifting techniques to injure participants. The workout phenomenon has reached the Internet culture as well, sparking thousands of Internet “memes,” poking fun at the aggressive mentality or “oversharing” nature of its followers.

For others, however, the CrossFit program is a structured, effective way to reach their fitness goals. They feel the daily workouts and forward-thinking mentality keeps them motivated and working hard. Its unconventional workouts and high-intensity exercises has given what many feel as a fast-track to losing weight and getting fit. Participants often do exercises such as overhead weights or climbing poles, challenging the body in ways that a typical day at the gym might not cover. The sense of community also spurs many participants to continue with CrossFit. Unlike many gyms where members tend to pop in headphones and work out alone, members of a CrossFit gym tend to cheer each other on and encourage them to reach beyond their status quo.

CrossFit, like many workout routines, works for some, and not for others. But so long as you maintain your fitness, health, and have a good time doing it, who’s to judge your method?

Thanks to Crossfit Kandahar for the photo of people participating in a CrossFit workout.

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