Foods To Control Your Cravings

13 Apr

Foods To Control Your Cravings

When you’re on a diet, you may find yourself craving unhealthy foods. It’s not that your body is craving chocolate, sugar, and bread, but it is craving vital vitamins and nutrients. If you’re looking through your diet journal and find that time and time again you’re reaching for the junky stuff, here are some common reasons why and a few appropriate substitutes.

Chocolate is the king of all cravings. When we crave chocolate, we are actually craving magnesium. It’s a vital nutrient that supports over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including detoxification, energy production, and the formation of healthy bones. Chocolate contains magnesium because it is made from the seeds of the cacao fruit. So, when you’re craving chocolate, try reaching for nuts, seeds, or fruit instead.

Sugar is another common craving, especially when you are on a low sugar diet. When we’re craving sugar, we’re actually craving carbon. Carbon is the second most important element in the body. We’re about 18% carbon! We need carbon to bond to and trap the vitamins and minerals we consume. So when you’re craving sugar, don’t grab cake or a cookie, but fruit – natural source of sugars.

When we’re trying to lose weight, many of us give up complex carb sources like breads and crackers. When we’re craving bread, we’re actually craving nitrogen. Nitrogen is an important part of proteins, the building blocks of the body. Nitrogen is found in all cells. Instead of going for bread and butter, eggs and lean proteins are a better alternative.

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