Green Plumbing Solutions

14 Apr

Green Plumbing Solutions

Homeowners just like you are interested in saving money on monthly energy bills, but also look for ways to promote environmental awareness and green living. Ecofriendly systems and solutions are available for almost every aspect of your home. From energy-efficient windows and doors to solar panel electricity and heat, a small investment in your house can reap large dividends in the long run. Plumbing is no different. We have three ideas of ways you can reduce your water use which, in turn, helps conserve our planet’s precious resources and saves you money.

For many do-it-yourself homeowners, examining and replacing faucets and fixtures is the easiest way to reduce water waste. Your local hardware store stocks low-flow and other energy efficient fixtures for your toilet, shower, and sink. Simple to install, low-flow fixtures can literally save thousands of gallons of water each year.

Stop buying bottled water and reduce your overall carbon footprint. Instead, we recommend installing ecofriendly water filtration systems in your home so that you can enjoy fresh-tasting and healthy water right from your kitchen faucet. Clean water filtration can also help you use less water and save on your overall monthly bill.

When trouble arises, it may be time to replace part or all of your plumbing system. Instead of tearing up drywall and kicking up toxic dust into the air, we encourage you to seek minimally invasive ways to repair leaks and cracks. Epoxy is a type of pipe lining that can make your current plumbing system more efficient without water waste or leakage. With minimal investment, you can literally turn your existing pipes into an energy-efficient and ecofriendly system.

There are many more ways to make minor investments in your plumbing system that will pay off with ecofriendly and financially sound water saving results.

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