Luxury Hotels Playa del Carmen

13 Apr

Luxury Hotels Playa del Carmen

Exploration. Adventure.

Exotic Hotels Playa del Carmen

Day & Night

Playa Del Carmen is the gateway to the island of Cozumel, but this coastal city offers lush landscapes and exciting night life. Where the city meets the natural fabric of the land, Playa Del Carmen weaves a kind of real beauty that’s worthy of fantasies and fairy tales.

Land & Sea

Taking a tour through Playa Del Carmen by horseback covers more ground than a walking tour, but with a relaxing pace and unique vantage point. Fresh water scuba diving is another great way to check out one of the many colorful, tucked-away worlds just inside of the city.

Modern Culture & Ancient History

Even the most urban parts of Playa del Carmen are steeped in rich history. Nearby, the Tulum ruins — the last city inhabited by the Mayan people — still stand to be explored by modern adventurers.

Fauna & Flora

Even on an average day in Playa Del Carmen, it’s easy to stubble upon rare birds like the Quetzal, a beautiful but endangered that is indigenous and almost exclusive to Central America. Meanwhile, local cuisine takes advantage of tropical produce that is offered up from the lands of the Mayan gods.

Taking in the Sights & Taking Home a Piece

Bright, saturated colors reflect the lifestyle of Central America, and even modern businesses (like the souvenir shop pictured above) nestle inside of historic and well-maintained historic architecture.

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