Midwest Tornadoes Casualties

12 Apr

Midwest Tornadoes Storm Plains Area with Minimal Human Casualties

This weekend the Plains states saw over 100 tornadoes in a 24-hour period. While that number seems incredible, the good news is that plenty of early warning helped limit the number of casualties and injuries from these severe storms in the Midwest. Tornadoes are usually dormant this time of year, and this incident seems to be an unprecedented number in a relatively short period of time. Find out more about these violent storms at NSSL.gov.

Some areas of the Midwest were reporting baseball-sized hail during the storms. Others sent out videos of vehicles being tossed by the powerful winds. In spite of all of this, injuries and casualties have been minimal.

As of Sunday night, only five deaths have been confirmed from the storms throughout the Midwest, even though the dangerous storms spread across at least five states. People took the early warnings seriously, especially after the storms of last year, and prepared with emergency kits and beds set out in basements. With a couple of days of warnings before the tornadoes actually hit, they had sufficient time to take over.

Since tornado season has just started, many officials are warning those who live in Tornado Alley that it could be a particularly bad season. As a result, families are taking notice and preparing emergency kits so they can take shelter quickly in the event of a sudden storm. While we can hope to continue having sufficient warning prior to the onset of these Midwest tornadoes, having everything ready throughout the season is simply wise planning, particularly for those who live in tornado prone areas. This is a vital aspect to keep in mind if you’re planning on traveling in the Midwest, especially around this time of year!

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