New 3D Breast Augmentation App For Smartphones

13 Apr

This is an age where there is so much technology at our fingertips and so much information we can glean from the Internet. To help women make informed choices about breast augmentation using the incredible technology we carry in our purses and pockets, New Orleans plastic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Kinsley has put the power of choice into the palm of your hand with the improved iAugment 3D smartphone application. The app is designed to help women explore their options and gain more insight on how this procedure can improve their figures and their self esteem.

This new and improved breast augmentation app for smartphones creates a 3D image based on pictures that you provide. You have the power to manipulate the size of your breasts in the photos. This can give you an idea of what real results would look like and help you make more informed decisions about potential surgery.

Learn more about the breast augmentation app on the official website. There is a free version that provides women with a 3D image from only one vantage point. The iAugment 3D Pro costs only $.99 and allows you to rotate the view to see the augmentation results from a variety of angles. To help you, there is a video tutorial showing how to choose the best picture and how to use the application. If you feel confident this is the right decision and want to move forward, Dr. Kinsley encourages women to learn more by visiting her website or arranging for a consultation at her office.

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