NYC Budget Vacation

14 Apr

NYC Budget Vacation: See The Big Apple on the Cheap and Still Have Memories To Last A Lifetime

New York City is a great vacation destination but many people think it’€™s way too expensive to make an NYC budget vacation possible. However, there are ways of having a great time without spending a lot of money. There is no lack of things to do and ways to do it inexpensively. Here are a few tips that’€™ll get you through.

Negotiate Hotel Prices
While it can be important to find a place before you head out, you can also see if you can stay in more upscale hotels for a very low price. Just like many websites that negotiate lower prices for their customers, you can do it all on your own! While there is never really an “€œoff season”€ in NYC, you can still negotiate with hotels for one or two night stays.

Many people headed to the Big Apple want to see a Broadway show, but with tickets starting at around $75-$100 a piece, it can seem out of range. That’€™s where TKTS comes in. It’€™s a discount ticket booth in Times Square where you can save about 50% on your tickets. It’€™s best to get there early in the morning because the line can be long. But what’€™s 1-3 hours to see a Broadway show for $50?

Museums are FREE
If you like museums, chances are you’€™re going to want to head to some of the country’€™s finest. Many have a suggested donation. That’€™s fancy talk for FREE. You can pitch in a couple dollars, but you don’€™t have to pay for many of the major museums in the city, such as the American Museum of Natural History, and the famous Guggenheim Museum often has free open afternoons.

Eat In The Street
While many people head to NYC for some of the world’€™s finest restaurants, NYC also has some fantastic street fare. Eat “al fresco” in the park or on the street and try a range of foods. Food trucks have also become exceedingly popular, so you’€™ll find a great variety of cuisines are available curbside.

With these tips, you’re sure to have a NYC budget vacation that’ll wow your traveling companions and

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