Paleo Diet Eat Like A Caveman & Lose Weight!

13 Apr

Have you heard of the Paleo diet? While this   diet was first popularized in the mid-1970s,   it’™s seeing a resurgence today. This diet   plan is based on the hunter-gatherer diets of   cavemen, eliminating processed foods and   keeping it simple with proteins, fruits, and   vegetables.

If you’€™re keeping a diet journal, you probably have been making note of all the breads, cereals, dairy products, oils, and other foods that you are eating. All of these foods came along with the advent of agriculture. While we have been taught that these foods can be included in a balanced diet, they are not necessary to maintain your health. This Stone Age philosophy has helped many lose weight and live more healthy and active lifestyles.

When on your shopping trip, skip the grains and and aisles and focus on the very first sections of the grocery store. Stock up on vitamin packed fruits, fibrous vegetables, and plenty of lean meats, preferably those that have natural, grass fed diets. You can get all the nutrition you need with these three main food groups. Make sure keep a balance your diet and record what you eat every day while you see a significant change in your energy and your weight!

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