Securing Tickets for the Famed Jazz Fest

24 Jan

You've always dreamed of experiencing the electrifying atmosphere at the famed Jazz Fest, haven't you? Well, securing those coveted tickets is no easy feat.

The process can be as complex as a Coltrane solo, with various ticket options like general admission, GA+ wristbands, or the VIP packages. But don't fret; there are strategies to navigate this ticketing maze.

Stick with me, and we'll explore how to ensure your spot at this iconic festival, without breaking the bank or losing your sanity.

Curious about the best way to go about it? Let's dive in.

Key Takeaways

  • There are various ticket categories available for Jazz Fest, including General Admission 4-Day Weekend Pass, GA+ Wristbands, Big Chief tickets, and Grand Marshal VIP and Krewe of Jazz Fest VIP tickets.
  • Early Bird and Advance tickets are offered for Jazz Fest, and there are benefits to buying tickets early.
  • VIP tickets provide benefits and privileges such as access to private lounges, express entrances, re-entry, and access to 61 Heritage Fest, as well as Jazz Fest food offerings in VIP lounges.
  • When attending Jazz Fest, it is important to plan routes to and from the event, explore local music on smaller stages, try local delicacies and stay hydrated, and visit merchandise booths. It is also essential to understand the privileges and details of the purchased tickets.

Understanding Jazz Fest Ticket Categories

To fully enjoy the Jazz Fest, you need to understand the various ticket categories, each offering distinct perks and access levels.

The General Admission 4-Day Weekend Pass, for instance, gives you the freedom to experience the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival over four days. However, these Jazz Fest tickets are non-transferable and don't include re-entry.

If you're looking for a bit more luxury, consider the GA+ Wristbands. These Fest tickets not only ensure admission to the festival, but also include exclusive access to the covered GA+ Lounge. You'll also have the privilege of re-entry at specific gates and access to private beverage stands and restrooms.

For an elevated experience, the Big Chief tickets offer access to raised and covered private viewing areas at three main stages.

The Grand Marshal VIP and Krewe of Jazz Fest VIP tickets provide similar perks, with the added option to purchase on-site parking and VIP shuttle tickets.

Buying Early Bird and Advance Tickets

Now that you're familiar with the different Jazz Fest ticket categories, let's explore how securing your tickets early can save you money and ensure a seamless festival experience.

The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, the entity behind Jazz Fest, offers Early Bird tickets for the festival. These are discounted General Admission Weekend Passes that can save you a significant amount, especially when compared to the regular price.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of advance tickets for a more tailored Jazz Fest experience. Whether you're eyeing the Jazz Fest VIP packages or sticking to the General Admission, buying your tickets early is a smart move. This allows you to dodge the additional service fees and handling charges that come with last-minute purchases.

It's also worth noting that Weekend Passes are typically mailed out in early April. So securing tickets early ensures that they'll arrive on time. Plus, the Jazz and Heritage Foundation even offers a convenient payment plan for all Weekend Passes, making it easier for you to plan and budget for your New Orleans Jazz Fest experience.

VIP Access: Benefits and Pricing

exclusive perks for members

If you're after the premium festival experience, VIP access at Jazz Fest opens the gateway to exclusive benefits and privileges, including access to private lounges and express entrances. As a VIP, you'll be granted entry to renowned 61 Heritage Fest, a highlight of the New Orleans Jazz scene.

The Jazz Fest lineup is unmissable and as a VIP, you get to enjoy it with style. With choices between Marshal VIP and Chief VIP, you'll have access to private restrooms, on-site parking, and even shuttle options. VIP tickets also allow re-entry at specific gates, providing you with the freedom to explore the vibrant surroundings.

A major perk of VIP access is getting a taste of the Jazz Fest food from the comfort of your private lounge. From traditional New Orleans cuisine to innovative fusion dishes, the food offerings are as notable as the music lineup.

Keep in mind, service fees and handling are applicable on VIP tickets, which are priced higher due to the exclusive privileges offered. But for the ultimate Jazz Fest experience, the VIP access is worth every penny.

Navigating the Jazz Fest Schedule

Navigating the Jazz Fest schedule can often seem overwhelming with its array of ticket options and varied lineups, but it's easier when you know what each ticket tier offers.

The New Orleans Jazz Fest, held at the Fair Grounds, is a yearly event that attracts a large Festival Stage audience, and securing tickets in advance is crucial.

  • General Admission tickets provide access to the festival grounds but have a limited number and no re-entry. These are subject to additional service fees.
  • GA+ Wristbands offer more perks like a special viewing area and full-service bar.
  • Big Chief tickets grant you access to private viewing areas at three main stages.
  • Grand Marshal VIP tickets offer standing-room-only sections at the three largest stages and access to a hospitality tent.
  • Krewe of Jazz Fest VIP tickets offer exclusive covered viewing areas and the option to purchase on-site parking.

Each ticket tier has its unique benefits and limitations. So, when navigating the jazz fest schedule, consider which perks are most important to you. This will make securing tickets a much smoother process.

Essential Tips for First-Time Attendees

first time attendee tips guide

After securing your tickets, your first Jazz Fest experience awaits, and there are a few essential tips for first-time attendees to keep in mind to make it unforgettable.

The famed jazz fest, known as the New Orleans Jazz Fest, is a spectacle to behold. But to truly enjoy it, you need to come to the event prepared.

The city of New Orleans is bustling with activity during the fest, so ensure you plan your routes to and from the event beforehand. The main stages are the heart of the fest, but don't overlook the local music played on smaller stages – you're in for a treat.

Food vendors are scattered throughout the venue, offering a taste of New Orleans' cuisine. Make sure to try the local delicacies but also remember to stay hydrated. Merchandise booths are also a must-visit. They offer unique memorabilia that encapsulate the essence of the fest.

Lastly, remember that each ticket type has different privileges. Read through them carefully before securing tickets. This way, you'll know exactly what your ticket entails, avoiding any surprises.

Enjoy the music, the food, the atmosphere, and most importantly, have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Jazz Fest Tickets Work?

You're wondering how Jazz Fest tickets work. They're wristbands, non-transferable, with no re-entry. Options range from General Admission to various VIP packages, each offering different amenities. They're typically sold as full weekend packages.

Does Jazz Fest Ever Sell Out?

Yes, Jazz Fest can sell out, especially for popular performers. It's essential you buy tickets early to ensure entry. Keep an eye on their official website for ticket availability and updates.

Can I Buy Jazz Fest Tickets at Superdome?

No, you can't buy Jazz Fest tickets at the Superdome. They're available online or at the festival gates. Make sure you secure your tickets early, so you don't miss out on this amazing event.

What Do You Wear to Jazz Fest in New Orleans?

You'd wear expressive, unique outfits reflecting New Orleans' culture to Jazz Fest. Be ready for any weather, so check forecasts and pack a light rain jacket or boots. Don't forget your reusable water bottle.


So, you're set to dive into the vibrant symphony that's Jazz Fest. Remember, securing your golden ticket early, whether it's GA or VIP, is akin to finding the perfect pitch in a sea of melodies.

With your schedule in hand, you're ready to navigate the colorful canvas of performances. As a first-time attendee, let Jazz Fest be your improvisation, your rhythm, your blues. Embrace the harmony, because this is more than a festival, it's a Jazz state of mind.

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