Subglandular vs. Subpectoral Breast Augmentation: How Do They Differ?

13 Apr

Subglandular vs. Subpectoral Breast Augmentation: How Do They Differ?

Although there are several types of breast augmentation procedures, arguably the two most popular forms of this cosmetic procedure are the subglandular and subpectoral. While both procedures are designed to portray the most natural looking breast enhancement possible, they do differ by the method in which the implant is placed into the breast, which is primarily contingent upon the pre-existing condition of the breast (i.e. a lot of breast tissue) as well as the desired results of the patient. Specifically, in the subglandular breast augmentation procedure, the implant is placed above the pectoral muscles but below the mammary glands. In doing so, the above the muscle placement is likely to yield a natural looking result as the breast implant is directly placed under the tissue, allowing the tissue to give way to shape of the implant. This is particularly true if the patient already has a great deal of tissue in the breast.

Alternatively, in the subpectoral breast augmentation procedure, the breast implant is placed below the pectoralis major muscle. In doing so, only the upper half of the implant is placed under the muscle. Depending on the viewpoint of the plastic surgeon performing the surgery, the placement of the implant below the pectoralis major muscle can be more advantageous in diminishing capsular contracture, rippling and sagging in comparison to the subglandular procedure. However, Subpectoral breast augmentation can and does yield a more desirable result that is natural looking, with patients who have little breast tissue prior to the procedure as placement below the pectoralis major muscle will result in a higher placement of the implant. Patient is aware that in this instance, you may also require additional procedures such as a breast lift in an effort to achieve said natural look. If you are interested in breast augmentation, find a plastic surgeon you can trust.

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