Weight Loss Resolution

14 Apr

Your Weight Loss Resolution And Difficulties That Accompany It

If you’ve recently engaged in a weight loss resolution for the new year, take note. New research has emerged regarding weight loss: the longer you maintain an unhealthy weight, the longer and harder it will be to lose.

Researchers and practitioners in Australia have found that after a strict clinical weight loss diet, even those who change their eating lifestyle will eventually gain a percentage of the weight back. This is not due to a lack of discipline but the fact that the body gets used to being a certain weight and used to taking in a certain amount of calories.

When you diet or are actively looking to change how you eat, you are essentially starving yourself by a margin of calories. Most people find that they are incredibly hungry at this time because the body expects what you’re used to. Recalibrating the body to expect less food is something that doesn’t take months – it could take years. In addition, the longer you carry the weight, the harder it will be to lose the weight. It’s often why people hit plateaus while working on their weight loss goals.

What does this mean for those who’ve resolved for 2012 to lose weight? Again, this is going to depend on how long you’ve been carrying extra weight around. Generally those who are 10-15 pounds overweight can easily lose and maintain weight through a better diet and more exercise but it needs to be a permanent change. If you have 20 to 50 pounds to lose, diet and exercise will help, but don’t be surprised if you end up gaining back 5 to 10 pounds of that weight.

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