At Home Whitening Treatments

14 Apr

The Truth About At Home Whitening Treatments

Are you one of those people who are completely obsessed with at home whitening treatments for your teeth? Do you have questions about the safety of whitening toothpastes? Whether you have used or intend to use teeth whitening products, chances are you not as informed as you should be with respect to the use of said products.

While whitening products are generally thought safe to use at home, there may be cause of concern for some individuals, particularly those who misuse the products. This is especially true when bleaching or whitening procedures are not performed by a professional, such as a dentist, who can properly assess your situation as well as which type of procedure may be right for you.

Depending on the health of your teeth, it is generally not recommended that you utilize at home whitening treatments. Specifically, if you are under age, pregnant, have gum disease or have had restorative dental work, you should not undergo at home whitening treatments. The reasons being, children under the age of 16 are likely to experience sensitivity related to the underdevelopment of tooth nerve, while the chemicals in bleaching products can be harmful to the development of a baby in a pregnant mother. In addition, those individuals with gum disease (and teeth with worn enamel) risk sensitivity issues as a result of whitening solutions penetrating existing tooth decay, while those who have had restorative dental work are likely not to achieve success because whitening solutions do not work on dental restorations. A dentist would be able to supply you with alternative forms of treatment to aid you in your cosmetic needs.

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