Plumbing Issues Plague Oakland Athletic Stadium

14 Apr

If you want to go to a baseball or football game soon, make sure it’s not at the Coliseum where the Oakland A’s and Raiders play. That’s because that stadium has been experiencing some plumbing problems, and this is not the first time.

The most recent issue is said to be due to rain. Apparently, since one inch of rain fell from the sky in a very short amount of time, the stadium flooded. However, some reports claim that sewage was coming out of the bathroom faucets, too. Additionally, earlier this year the locker rooms flooded because of a clogged pipe after the plumbing system was overwhelmed with the hundreds of thousands of fans using the bathroom during each game over the years. The carpet in the locker room area and nearby offices has been replaced since then, but clearly the plumbing issues in the stadium have not been completely repaired.

Of course, that’s not exactly surprising since the stadium is close to 50 years old. In fact, coaches of the teams that play there have pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that the stadium is old and falling apart, and they do not have the necessary funds to fix it up. That probably means you can expect to hear about more plumbing problems, followed by temporary repairs until the pipes and other necessities can be entirely replaced as needed. Until then, keep an eye out for news about plumbing issues before you go to the next home game the Raiders or A’s play!

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