Budgets for a Bride

14 Apr

Breaking Down Budgets for a Bride

As the nation continues to recover from recent economic stress, some areas of spending are on the rise. Many Americans are enjoying more secure and stable jobs with better income and long-term financial stability. In turn, experts say wedding expenses and spending headed back up. 2008 saw record levels for bridal budgets with many couples reportedly spending almost $30,000 on average.

However, some frugal couples are bucking the trend and prefer to tie the knot over more modest measures. There are a number of things couples can do and areas where shortcuts to spending can be created in order to ensure the overall cost remains low. Two main budget breakers include:

1) The Venue: Consider booking your wedding during an off-season or booking far in advance in order to secure a better rate. A lot of couples are opting to host their own wedding at a venue that means a lot to the family (ie: a family farm) or is conveniently located for travel. If you spend a little more on decorations or recruit friends to help, any venue can help make the day memorable.
2) The Food: Experts say you should expect to spend one third of your budget on food. This expense may be included in the venue cost, but by keeping them separate, there is money to be saved. Don’t forget to consider the cost of the cake!

In the end, brides that choose to have a modest budget under $10,000 will have to make some important decisions regarding where to cut costs. In many cases, the biggest splurge will be on the dress, but even in those cases, some women are choosing to wear modified family heirlooms.

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