Wedding Photographer Blunders

14 Apr

It’s a day every woman has dreamed about since she was a little girl. For many couples, the most important part of their wedding is preserving the memories for a lifetime and beyond. Choosing the photographer to capture your big day in photos is often as important as choosing the flavor of wedding cake. Whoever you decide to trust with this tremendous responsibility, let’s hope they avoid these common and catastrophic photography blunders.

1) Don’t dance: Great wedding photographers should be neither seen nor heard. Don’t distract from the guests and let them have center stage. Simply stay in the background and make sure Aunt Marie’s Macarena is suitably caught on film.

2) Don’t share technical problems: It doesn’t matter if this is your third wedding or your three hundredth wedding, take care of minor and major malfunctions quickly and quietly. Letting the bride (or, heaven forbid, mother of the bride) know there is a glitch will only add to the stress and worry of what can already be a stressful day. Just fix it as soon as possible.

3) Don’t relax too much: This includes drinking alcohol or taking off your shoes. You are getting paid to do what you love to do. Don’t let the quality of the photos dramatically slide downhill as the evening goes on. Make sure you wear shoes that can keep you on your feet all day and night.

Some people believe the person entrusted with documenting this once-in-a-lifetime event has a job as important as the figurehead performing the nuptials. Take the time to research a great photographer that you know will see things the way you do.

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