Fad Diets Just Say No

13 Apr

Just Say No to Fad Diets

Fad diets come and go and so will the pounds if you don’t make some lifestyle changes. Every day, there are crazy new diets touted as easy, permanent ways to shed bulges. Unfortunately, fads don’t offer long term solutions. According to the Mayo Clinic, in order to achieve permanent weight loss, a dieter needs commitment, inner motivation, and realistic goals.

Commitment means that you’ve decided to adopt a healthy diet and exercise routine as a way of life. You’re saying no to liquid diets, rounds of starvation, or only eating protein. You’re committing to paying attention, staying focused, and making sound choices.

Inner motivation means you’re trying to achieve your weight loss goals for your own reasons. Perhaps you want to feel more confident as you enter the job market or go back to college. Maybe you want to fit into a smaller sized pair of blue jeans or reduce your risk of the many diseases associated with obesity. To stay motivated, join a support group or hang a photo of the coveted skinny jeans on your refrigerator.

Having realistic goals means losing the pounds at a pace that’s attainable. Don’t strive to drop 20 pounds in a month or to fit into a size 5 by summer if you’re a size 14 in the spring. Your weight loss goals can happen but in a realistic amount of time.

Don’t go for fad diets. Opt for commitment, inner motivation, and set realistic goals to move toward long term success.

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