Intense Workouts Changing The Fitness Scene?

12 Apr

The intense workout is all about fitting in a stronger, smarter workout into a short amount of time. In 30 minutes, these express workouts will have you breathing heavy and sweating–and probably more than a little sore, too. Unlike a leisurely stroll on the treadmill, you’ll know you had a good workout after an intense workout session.

The number of people taking an interest in fitness is rising, as alarmingly high obesity rates and the related health risks continue to be front page news. A few years ago, trying to be healthy for many people meant hopping on a treadmill or an elliptical machine a few days a week. Others find they’re most motivated in group activities, such as Zumba or spinning classes. In 2014, a new emphasis on training smarter, not longer, has gym goers of all ages and capabilities thinking a bit differently. That’s where the intense workout enters the scene.

There are many kinds of intense workouts available. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), such as CrossFit, is really taking off at a national level and is offered at studios dedicated exclusively to this style of results-focused, very intense training. DVD-based programs, like Focus T-25, make it possible to fit in an extreme workout at home. Major gym chains are beginning to offer live streaming at home as well.

Fans of the intense workout approach love the results they get. Not only do they cut workout time in half in many cases, but they also do more for their body in 20 minutes than those people who spend an hour on traditional gym equipment. They sculpt and tone their body, as opposed to just exercising for fat loss. It’s a winning combination of benefits that has many people rethinking their approach to exercise.

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