New App Promises to Curb Your Facebook Addiction

12 Apr

New App Promises to Curb Your Facebook Addiction

If you’re like millions of people across the country, you have a problem, and that problem involves being addicted to social media. Sure, social media can be fun, but when you can’t go half an hour without checking your smartphone, you know it’s starting to interfere with your life. A new app, FBRehab, is designed to help people face the issue.

The idea behind FBRehab is simple. After downloading the app, which costs $0.99, it becomes your portal to Facebook. You simply log in to your account and the app launches a timer. You’ll get 10 minutes for a status update, to check your news feed, or to check in with friends. Your session automatically ends after 10 minutes, keeping you from inadvertently spending an hour online when you had intended to spend only a few minutes there. You get two 10-minute sessions per day, so you’ll feel connected to your network while not being sucked into the online community too deeply.

The creator of FBRehab claims the idea came to him while he was on vacation. He was lounging poolside in a gorgeous tropical place with his friends when he looked around at the crowd of vacationers around him. Everyone had a smart phone in their hand. In that moment, it was painfully obvious to him–everyone was so busy talking about their vacation on social media that they weren’t taking the time to actually have a vacation. No one was in the pool swimming or visiting the swim-up bar; instead, they were taking selfies and posting to their accounts. FBRehab was born shortly thereafter.

FBRehab is a great tool for people who have good intentions about their time on social media. You know, those of us who say we’re hopping on for a quick check-in, only to end up spending hours there–missing sleep, arriving late to work, or irritating our friends because we’re glued to our phones. If that sounds like you, definitely check out the FBRehab app.

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