International Travel Tips

14 Apr

Preparing for International Travel: Tips and Tricks

If you’€™re traveling abroad, there are a few things that you need to arrange before you head to your vacation destination. It’€™s important that you properly prepare, so read these international travel tips to make sure that everything is in order and you hit no hitches along the way.

Get your Passport
The process of getting your passport takes about six weeks from submission to getting your book or card in the mail. It’€™s important that you fill out all the forms correctly or you may have delays. Also, passport photos can be difficult to take on your own, so head to your local AAA or Post Office to take your picture for the application. It costs about $100, so make sure you have cash, a check, or a debit card with you to pay your application fee.

Prepare your Luggage
Make sure you check with your airline to ensure you pack right. Most international airlines will allow you to check one bag with your ticket and have rules regarding carry-ons and personal bags. Make sure that your bags do not exceed size or weight limits. Also, just like domestic flights, make sure your liquids are packed in your checked luggage to avoid problems checking in.

In this day and age, you connect through your phone and computer. Remember, many foreign countries have different outlets and require converters to use your US device wall chargers. Check what your country of destination uses and buy the appropriate converter.

Lastly, leave plenty of time to go through customs on your way there and your way back. Have contact information for the places you will be staying and make sure you have your passport on hand and easy to get to at all times. Once you prepare, you’re on your way! Traveling abroad can be a lot of fun, but making sure you’€™ve got everything in order will make the flight there smooth!

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