North Fork Long Island Summer Vacation

14 Apr

If you’€™re looking for a great locale for your Long Island summer vacation, the North Fork a great area. Most people overlook this area or discount Long Island entirely because of the Hamptons, an expensive, upscale location on the South Shore. You can stay in beachside hotels, explore wine country, and check out plenty of summer festivals.

Summer, especially late summer, is a great time to eat locally. You’€™ll have fresh seafood and plenty of produce in season. There are plenty of great restaurants to explore or you can pick up food at a local farmer’€™s market to cook back at your rental. If you’€™re headed out earlier, June and July, you’€™ll hit berry picking. Head out to a strawberry festival or take a day to pick your own. Tip: You don’€™t have to pay for the berries you eat in the fields!

The North Fork of Long Island is also known for its wineries. With over 40 vineyards, you can explore a variety of wines all along the same stretch of highway. They are also hubs of activity themselves in the summer, hosting live music and craft fairs. If you really wanted to get into it, many host adult “€œsummer camp”€ programs to learn how to cultivate grapes and create wine.

If your summer vacation need to include a beach, the North Fork has a stunning shoreline. Because the coast faces the Long Island Sound, the beaches are a little rockier than most, but it makes for a beautiful view. The protected waters are perfect for swimming and kayaking. Many of the hotels are right along the shore, too. For a surprisingly low price, you can get the Long Island summer vacation you’€™ve dreamed of for a lot less than other Northeast locations. Whether you want to relax or have an adventure, the North Shore is a great destination.

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