Mardi Gras Tips

12 Apr

Anytime hundreds of thousands of people all arrive at the same alcohol-fueled party in a city known for loose inhibitions, and signature cocktails, one thing is bound to occur: A good time peppered with accidents and injuries.

If you are one of the merry revelers celebrating the Carnival season in New Orleans, there are basically two rules that apply- Cut loose, but be safe. Because it’s sometimes hard to focus on safety and fun at the same time, these tips provide a foundation to guide you.


When parking, avoid leaving anything of value in your vehicle. Lock important things in the trunk. It’s been said that the best place a thief can hide is right out in the open. And with so many people coming and going, it would be easy for a car thief to slip into your vehicle with nobody the wiser. The crowds may not necessarily be a distraction. In fact, they may be an invitation.

Also, make sure you don’t park in front of a fire hydrant or other restricted areas. These areas are generally prohibited because parking there could lead to some public tragedy. Would you want to be the one responsible for a tragic fire because firemen couldn’t reach the fire hydrant?

It may be best just to stay away from driving altogether. Finding a parking spot is very challenging. And if you’ve been drinking, it’s not a good time to drive. New Orleans is known for its public transportation. Take a street car, taxi, or a bus. Its cheaper than a ticket and safer than driving drunk.


Be smart. Large crowds can breed criminal actions such as pick pocketing, purse snatching and more. So don’t carry huge sums of money on your person. Woman should also wear their purses across their torso to ward off would-be purse snatchers.

Also, don’t become distracted by your cell phone. If you lose your friends, you may not ever find them.
Furthermore, stay in well lit areas where other people are around.

Never leave drinks unattended either. This opens up the possibility of being drugged. Speaking of drinking, know your limits. Getting sick will do nothing but ruin the experience. There is magic in the air during Mardi Gras. Don’t miss it by blacking out.


If you have a child, make sure they know their name, address, relevant phone numbers and more. It’s easy to get separated in the crowds. The worst thing that can occur is losing a child. Also, write down relevant information and stick in their pockets. This way even if they are lost, it’s more likely you can be reached when the child is found.

It’s also important to introduce your child to a nearby officer so they become familiar with the local police’s uniform. This also gives your child a resource to turn to in the event of an emergency.

Of course, never leave children alone. Keep a close watch out to who they are talking to, where they are, and more

Follow these suggestions and Mardi Gras may go off without a hitch for everyone.

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