Sibling Rivalries at the Super Bowl

14 Apr

Sibling Rivalries – Brother Vs Brother at the Super Bowl

The brothers Harbaugh squaring off across a football field for one of the biggest events in sports will surely become one of the abiding storylines of this Super Bowl. The New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Super Dome is certainly not the first major host to play host to this type or rivalry and it undoubtedly will not be the last.

The NFL seems to be full of brother-versus-brother this season. The Manning brothers, quarterbacks Peyton and Eli, must be the most famous example. The AFC championship game that sent the Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl bound pitted brother against brother, too. Arthur Jones III, a defensive end for the Ravens, prevailed over his brother Chandler Jones a (surprise!) defensive end for the Patriots. They breed them big in that family I guess! The most second most famous, behind the Manning’s surely must be Tiki and Ronde Barber. The public is probably more familiar with Tiki in general but, in reality, that’s more for his flair for self-promotion than footballing superiority over his brother.

In other sports around the world there are plenty of examples of the same, such as Ralf and Michael Schumacher in Formula 1 motor racing and the Klitschko brothers in boxing. The biggest and most compelling sibling rivalry in sports in recent years surely must be the Williams sisters. Coming to direct competition more than most other sporting siblings, the pair battled each other for the top of the ladies tennis rankings for years.

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