Wedding Tent Ideas

14 Apr

Outdoor weddings have been popular for years, but many brides-to-be remain concerned about bad weather putting a damper on their special day. If you’re planning on saying your vows outdoors but don’t want to take any chances, one of the best ways to ensure you’re not rained out is to set up tents to cover your guests and keep them dry.

There are many creative ways to make a stylish statement. Choose something simple like white linen for a contemporary look or go with a unique theme such as bamboo with Chinese lanterns.

You can choose between a pole or frame tent. Pole tents are for use on grass and typically have a more elegant appearance with higher peaks. The interior poles can be covered with smooth draping to soften the look. Frame tents are free standing but can be placed on any sort of structure such as asphalt or even a rooftop. There are no poles coming down from the center, and any aluminum poles holding up the material can be covered for aesthetic reasons. Frame tents tend to be a little more costly due to the time it takes to set up.

Consider the theme of your wedding when deciding on décor for the interior of your tent. Choices will include large tables that seat dozens of guests or smaller, more intimate tables that seat 4-6 guests each. For evening weddings, candles add a romantic feel, and some tents are able to support hanging chandeliers for additional soft lighting.

Some brides choose tents large enough to have a dance floor in the center and even a sitting area with couches and lounge chairs where guests can relax, mingle, and socialize with others.

Thanks to moon angel for the picture of a decorated wedding tent.

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