Diet Journal Ideas

13 Apr

Diet Journal Ideas for Healthier Living

Studies have shown that keeping a diet journal can be an important tool to losing weight. You don’€™t necessarily need to count calories but it is helpful to look at what you eat and what choices you make when you are hungry.

Journaling is different for everyone. You may not know the best way to go about starting. For many people with smartphones, it’€™s an easy decision. There are many diet apps, free or inexpensive, to log what you eat all day. It takes the guesswork out of counting calories as many count them for you. There are also more social programs, places where you can go to speak with others about dieting, get guidance from nutritionists, and have someone discuss your journal with you. While there are lots of options out there, sometimes just a simple blank notebook can do the trick. In addition to what you eat, you can also log exercises.

Whether you log it on your phone, start a blog, or keep a private notebook, journaling can help you understand your habits and adopt better ones. Regardless of how much you invest in a diet journal, don’t cheat. The only way it really works is when you write down what you eat when you eat it. The more truthful you are, the better you’€™ll understand how you operate, and that is the best way to start changing.

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