Diet Journal Portion Control

13 Apr

For Best Results, It’€™s All About Portion Control and Keeping A Diet Journal

It may seem like an annoying task, but disciplined portion control is the number one key to losing weight. By buying a scale, measuring cups, and keeping a diet journal of your portions, you can achieve your weight goals more effectively.

While there are many diets out there, the only real way to lose weight and keep it off is by changing the way you eat. The first place to start is by limiting your calorie intake. By portioning, you may be able to enjoy some of the food you’€™ve always loved without eliminating them. There are lots of ways to portion. For some people, simply eating off a smaller plate will help them eat smaller portions and still feel full. For others, they stick to a diet plan of pre-packaged meals. However, the best way is to measure it out. Make sure you’re also keeping a journal, noting exactly how much you are eating. Here is a handy guide to evaluating your portions while eating both in and out. 
At first, it might be difficult to weigh every portion of meat and measure out grains and cereals. Don’€™t worry! It get€™s easier. If you stay disciplined, you will watch your weight decrease slowly but surely without the need to exercise more than a few times a week. You’€™ll also get acclimated to eating less and you’€™ll memorize how to create proper portions without a scale or measuring cup. You’€™ll be able to start eating out at restaurants and dinner parties and eat whatever you like and still feel satisfied. Don’€™t deny yourself the foods you love. Just practice moderation and stick with your diet journal!

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