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13 Apr

Keeping A Diet Journal Can Help You Lose More Weight

If you’ve been looking to lose weight but haven’t quite found the right way to handle it, one of the easiest ways to start thinking about how you eat is keeping a diet journal. Writing down what you eat and how much you eat can be revealing.

Although exercise is important, what really helps you lose weight is eating differently and maintaining a good diet. Instead of going on a short-term fad diet, you need to start thinking about life long eating habits. Doctors have recently released studies that what causes weight gain and makes it difficult to lose weight is not overeating a lot. Every small amount adds up and that is what keeps you overweight.

The write down everything you consume within a given month. You can be specific or approximate, but using a kitchen scale to weigh portions and using measuring cups is more helpful to you. There are plenty of tools out there to help you, from books to smart phone applications, but even just pen and paper can reveal your habits. Once you have kept a journal for a while, you’ll see where you’re eating too much or identity problem junk foods you continually go to. From there you can start to pare down portions and eliminate regular offenders.

After the first three or four weeks, keep journaling! You can track your progress by also weighing yourself every day and make a note in your diet journal. If you start to exercise, write that down, too. You don’t have to pay for a special diet plan or only buy low calorie substitutions for real food. It’s all about portioning and about being mindful of what you eat, even during special occasions such as the holidays.

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